Monday, November 23, 2009


This past week i have been staying at my parents house and taking care of my little brothers because my parents went on a week long cruise. It has been interesting. Perhaps because I have been seeing old neighbors again and they still wonder why I am 25 and not married. For example, I recieved this phonecall the other day:

Me: Hello
Neighbor: Hey, who's this?
Me: Doree
Neighbor: Oh hey! Is your mom or dad there?"
Me: No, sorry, they are away for a week and won't be home until Tuesday morning.
Neighbor: Oh that's okay, I'll try them later. But hey, how are you?
Me: I am doing good. How are you?"
Neighbor: Are you married yet?
Me: Well no...
Neighbor: Well how good can you be then?
Me: Well possibly better than if I were. (I tried to think of a good comeback.)

We then proceeded to talk more about marriage and he tried to convince me that I needed it in my life RIGHT NOW and I tried to convince him that I was honestly still happy and fine and that I have the rest of eternity to be married so I would be okay...

Thank you people in society for deciding that since I am not married I am not as happy as I could otherwise be.

(P.S. YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Friday, November 6, 2009

No he didn't!... Yes... he did.

I got this text from my friend. It was a forward and said, "Be careful if you make a woman cry, because God counts her tears. The woman came from a mans rib. Not from his feet to be walked on. Not from his head to be superior, but from the side to be equal. Under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved. Pass this on to all the exceptional women that you know... men too so they know the value of a woman is... PRICELESS.

I thought that it was funny and cute and the only person I thought about sending it to was my boyfriend because he is the only one that I talk to and basically the only person that I text. So I said, "I just got this text from kj. Be careful about making me cry." My intents were purely casual and I was just teasing about the whole thing.

BUT the text I got back was, "Oh sorry.... I cant help it women are more emotional than men. I dont think like but i hate it to see you crying. You think i want to break up with you a lot. (He had just talked about breaking up 2 days prior.) Man up... I dont want to break up with you at all. So i wish you would accept that and maybe we can move on to the next step someday."

WHOA!!!!! Um... how do you take that? A little harsh? Maybe I am being more emotional again but it kinda hurt. "Man up!?" Okay... whatever.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friends or More than Friends?

Has anyone ever had the same problem that I continue to have over and over and over again?! How do you know when someone likes you or when they want to be just friends? It seems I have always got it wrong. When I think someone likes me, it usually turns out they just wanna be friends. But when I think they just wanna be friends, turns out they like me. Ugh and Oooiii! There is no reasoning behind dating sometimes.

When Mike and I started hanging out I thought he liked me, turns out, he says he didn't. But he always says he thinks I was in love with him back when we first met, and I wasn't. So maybe we were both wrong. But even when he asked me to go to dinner - on what I thought was our first date, turns out it wasn't a date! He just wanted to hang out again. But he ask only me to go where as up until that point it had always been my friends and I hanging out with him and his friends. But he didn't say you & your friends, he said, "you." So this exclusive dinner was not a date. Whatever. BUT it was around that time that he had decided he liked me and wanted to pursue the relationship!?!!? Hmmmm.... Someone really needs to clarify what a date is and what it is not so you can know how a person feels about you before you go all out on a limb for them. Actually I think that they have said a date is something that is: planned ahead, paired off, and paid for. And that is what happened at the Olive Garden that night, but Mike cliams it was not a date. STUPID. (I am a little bugged by it, can ya tell!?)

Anyways, there is this boy at work who keeps asking me to go do things with him. He wants to go swimming or bowling, at least once a week. I have said, "No... I'm busy... (with school or work or moving or out of town or family etc. etc. etc.)" probably honestly more than 50 times. I guess the fact that I keep giving an excuse keeps allowing him to ask. BUT here is the thing, I would go because I think he wants to go as just friends. So when Mike is at work, why not? Because apparently it doesn't have to be a date. At the same time Mike thinks that he likes me and wants me to tell him that I have a boyfriend... Would that be awkward for me to say, "I have a boyfriend." and make our co-worker status awkward because I would have been treating him as if he likes me and he was just asking me to hang out as a co-worker friend?

Does all this make sense? I guess I am just venting because I never know how you can tell the difference and I wish someone would just enlighten me.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Strike of Bad Luck!

Well it's been 4 months that mike and i have been dating. and 3 of those 4 months i have gotten tickets. :^( In December I was parked at his house after 1 am watching a movie and because of the whole snow plow thing here you aren't supposed to be on the road that late. So BOOM the cop gave me a ticket. In January I was driving him home at like 1 am and a cop pulled up behind us. it was dark, but apparently he could still see that my registration was expired. BOO! And just barely i was talking to mike on the phone not paying attention to what is happening around me and the cop follows me into my apartment complex and says I was going 41 in a 25. :( He said, i was following you for a while... i don't know if i believe that but anyhow... i have gotten 3 tickets while having mike on the brain. That'll teach me something right!? NO MAS!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dang! Does it get better than this!?

So I have been accused of not putting anything good up on my blog. BUT... the title is 911 dating. The point of it was kinda horror dating stories, but i decided to post something good. The reason why I haven't posted in a while is because I have started dating just one guy pretty exclusively. He is pretty dang cute and has so many wonderful qualities. He makes me feel special too! Here are some stories of what he does to make me feel loved:

He listens to me and then surprises me by acting on the things that I say.

For example, one night we went to a church social where they were eating soup and playing games. We were talking to one of the older ladies and she was telling us about the movie, "Australia" that they had just gone to see in the theater. I said, "Oh! Did you like it?! I have been wanting to see that..." and we just kept talking. Mike picked up on this and that Saturday invited me to watch "Australia" with him. (It was before we were officially dating.)

Another time I had just gotten off work and we were talking on the phone. I was telling him that at the home I had just visited they were watching, "The Express." I said, "I watched part of it and it made me want to see it so bad! It's a true story and I love true stories..." I told him a little bit about it but then didn't think too much of it until that weekend when he said, "Hey, what if we get together and I rent 'The Express'."

I think over and over to myself, "Awe!!!! He really listens to what I say and then he acts on it!!!" Does it get any better than that!?

Yes... yes it does! Mike had to work one Thursday night so we hung out in the afternoon. He dropped me off at my apartment at 6 and headed to work and I got in my car and headed straight to our school for a meeting. A few hours later he texted me and asked how the meeting was. I told him, "it was fine, but nothing great. However getting to campus was a pain because of traffic! Did you know that there was a basketball game tonight!? I had no idea and I love watching basketball games. I can't believe I missed it." Now Mike loves college football but he isn't really that keen on watching college basketball. So he is a Senior, graduating in 2 months and has never been to one of our college basketball games. He didn't say much about it that night but a couple days later one of my friends came up from out of town. Mike had to work that night so we all went out to lunch together. As we were walking out he said, "Oh, I looked at the schedule and there is a basketball game next Thursday, do you want to go together!?" I was like, "YES!!!!!" Honestly, isn't that the sweetest thing!? For him to know how bummed I was to miss it, to look up the next game, and to plan on coming with me!? Love him!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Little Prince

I have always sworn that I have the best brother's in the world. They are first incredibly cute and fun and second, they have really picked up on how to treat girls. Ever since my brothers were young they would always open doors for us girls and this has continued up to this day.

My parents were out of town a couple weeks ago and so I decided to go out to dinner with my little brother while my other little brother was at a birthday party. He asked if he could drive me and I said, "Sure." and threw him my keys. I headed out the door first and walked to the passenger side of my car. He ran to catch up to me and got to the door right before me and opened it for me. It was important for him to get every door for me that night and to treat me special. I loved it. It made me think of all the past times we have gone out and how he has always done that. In the past I have dated guys who have never once opened the door for me and it actually has been a sour spot in the relationship. When I was younger i always thought, "I can do it myself, I don't need a guy to open it for me!" But since I have come to appreciate the respect and kindness that comes from the men opening the doors.

Kudos to all who do that! And thanks little brother for that reminder of how I should be treated!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

tricky tricky

So there is a basketball player, that's usually how all good dates start out right!? ;^) After the basketball players last home game I just went to my friends house to chill. At about 10:00 when the guys were done with the coach pep talk and were able to leave I got a text from one of the players (they call them players for a reason), Matt. Matt and I had been talking for a while but we haven't done TONS together. He was going to a after-party to watch his teammates drink & smoke (but he doesn't do that) and I was just going to stay with my friend. So at about 11:00 as I was getting ready to go home and go to bed he texted and asked if I would come over. I was like, "Really!? At 11:00? There isn't much to do at that time of night." But he persisted. I said, "I couldn't because I had to wake up early for church the next morning." After some more texts of insisting and rejection he said, "If you come over, I will go to church with you tomorrow." Well being the missionary oriented person I like to be he had me. I was like, "OK!" So I went over. I told him though that nothing would be happening that evening between us.

I sat on the couch and we started chatting, talking about the game, etc., and then when I was in mid-sentence (yet again) he goes in for the kill and just starts kissing me. Fine. Why do boys do that?! I stopped him and I said, "Whoa, whoa! I told you nothing was going to happen tonight." I told him that I didn't like that he asked me to come over at 11:00 and that it made me feel like a booty call even though I never give him any of that. He laughed and he said, "You are not a booty call!" So I was like, "Fine." and we kissed. He kept stopping every now and then to laugh and say, "Booty call!? HAHA I can't believe you thought you were! You mean more to me than that." (whatever.)

So we talked alot that night then I left to go home and go to sleep and I told him I would pick him up on my way to church. He said he couldn't come anymore because he needed his beauty sleep. LIAR!!!! I was like, "WHAT!?" We talked about it and he was not coming. Lame butt!

So he texted me the next day and did ask how church was. I said, "great. only 3 hours and it really flew by!" These are the texts he sent, "I don't kno how u can say only 3 houRS cuz for me it's so freakin long" I said, "Really!? Did it seem like that long last night?" He said, "Don't even try to compare last night with church. If church was like that I would go all day all sundays!"

HAHA! There is a new aspect to missionary work except for the fact that it didn't get him to church! ;^) Here is where the story gets lame. I am done with athlete's. NO MORE!!!! So after repeatedly telling me I was not a booty call. At least two weeks went by before I heard from him again. Dang player!